Nonoja Recruitment and Consulting Services is a reputable specialist HR Consulting Firm. With over 15 years’ experience in the business of talent, Nonoja has developed an aptitude in the area of people empowerment and employment.

 As a local company with global abilities, we specialize in the sourcing and placement of top talent in numerous generic and specialized sectors.

Founded in 2007, renamed and rebranded in 2012, Nonoja Recruitment Services boasts talented and experienced personnel that service our client’s various industries and have a vast skills and knowledge of the HR, training and recruitment industry. Since rebranding, the Nonoja brand has grown, along with our satisfied clients, in leaps and bounds. Making us a key partner with our trusting clients. That should be YOU!!

Our mission is clear: To constantly master systems and procedures that are designed to assist our Consultants in sourcing and screening the best possible candidates to suit YOUR organization’s specific requirements.